The town of Muldoon was established in the late 1880's. A. B. Kerr built the 'Muldoon Mercantile' not long after in 1890 selling anything from tires to shoe soles. One of their more prominent items for sale was sandstone, which was mined no more than one mile away from the Muldoon Quarry. This same sandstone is what comprises the building and the equally astounding Fayette County Courthouse.


Renovations on the Mercantile began in 2000 and were completed in April 2013. Preserving the history of the 128 year old general store was at the forefront of the design ideas. Muldoon Blue sandstone slabs taken from the quarry west of the store cover half of the floor of the Mercantile. The remainder of the floor is crafted from beautiful hand-cut cedar  harvested from local forests.


The Muldoon Mercantile is conveniently located 1 hour from Austin and no more than 2 hours from Houston and San Antonio in the small town of Muldoon, TX.

282 N FM 154

Muldoon, TX 78949

Tel: 979-743-6466


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